Culinary adventures through the South

While planning my solo road trip from Florida to South Carolina, I didn’t really expect food to be the highlight. In fact, I thought I’d be living off fried chicken, shrimp and grits, and collard greens for a week. This didn’t really worry me as southern staples are not all that bad but what I actually got was far better! It turns out that the South is far more foodie than almost any other place I’ve been to in the US and I indulged in endless amounts of refreshing rose, fresh fish, wholesome local fare, spicy vegetarian dishes, and delectable desserts. Below are my favorite restaurants from my road trip through the South.

Palm Beach, Florida

Buccan (dinner): I would not recommend Palm Beach to anyone unless you like shopping at high-end boutiques and wandering around in over priced resort wear but if you do find yourself driving through, pull in to Buccan for dinner. The interior is lovely and inviting and even if you don’t make a reservation, there is a relaxed bar and lounge area up front where you can still enjoy the entire menu.


Savannah, Georgia

The Grey (lunch): Situated in a fantastic old art deco Greyhound bus terminal, this retro styled diner type restaurant with a large bar and a couple of cubicles serves a simple, inexpensive menu and is a must for lunch.


Local 11ten (dinner): Situated at the southern end of Forsyth Park, the walk to the restaurant is almost as lovely as the dinner itself and after a full day of driving, was exactly what I needed – a beautifully styled interior with a scrumptious menu and great service.



Charleston, South Carolina

The Harbinger (breakfast): A casual eatery serving simple local breakfast, brunch and sweet treats. One has to order from the counter and can then sit either inside or outside on the lovely patio. It seemed a bit out of the way but is worth a visit.


One Broad Street (lunch): Lovely sunny, bright, and airy spot for lunch in a wonderful old building in the middle of the city! Perfect for a glass of rose and a salad after a morning of exploring.


Basic Kitchen (lunch): Situated just off King Street, this large inviting space is the perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing drink and a wholesome lunch.


Xiao Bao Biscuit (dinner): By far my absolute favorite meal of the trip. XBB serves Asian Soul Food, which turns out is about the very best food combination there is – think spicy fish curry, spicy noodle salad, and a wonderful Japanese cabbage pancake! Set in a converted gas station with outside and inside seating and with plates meant for sharing, I loved the casual atmosphere almost as much as the food!



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