Staying at Edgewood Tahoe

Skiing is not for me – the past two times I’ve tried have ended mid afternoon with me sobbing as I walk down a blue slope with skis in hand (and this is after an entire morning of lessons). That’s not to say I don’t like snow though. In fact, I love snow. I’m like a little kid in snow and knowing how beautiful Tahoe is in winter, having been there last year (you can read about our previous trip here), I jumped at the opportunity to join friends from South Africa there earlier this year, even though it was still ski season and I had no intention of skiing.

The weather was gorgeous and apparently absolutely perfect for skiing – fresh snow from the night before and blue skies, but I decided not to bother trying to ski again so left my ski gear at home and packed my book instead, opting to spend the day curled up in front of a fire reading. Upon arriving at Edgewood Tahoe, where we were staying for the night, I instantly realized that I made the best possible decision – the lodge is absolutely gorgeous, located right on the lake and surrounded by a golf course which, when covered with snow, offers endless fields of soft powder, perfect for jumping in, throwing around, making snow angels, and building snow men (perfect for me)! Floor to ceiling windows allow you to enjoy the views and gas fires burn inside and outside offering plenty of warm, cozy spots to cuddle up in. But, by far my favorite thing about the lodge was the heated outdoor pool and hot tub where I spent all day enjoying my perfect winter ‘sport’ – reading outside while relaxing in a hot tube surrounded by a winter wonderland!


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