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A perfect start to 2018 – Tulum, Mexico

I am not really a beach holiday type person and wouldn’t usually book a week long trip to the beach, but after a busy end to 2017 and wanting to escape winter for a bit, we decided to spend the second week of January in Tulum which turned out to be the perfect way to start the year.

Not only because of the picture perfect beaches with white sand and warm, calm turquoise water,

…the delicious food and tequila cocktails,

…the perfect sunrises,


…and the hot, sunny days spent cycling around town, exploring the Mayan Ruins, swimming in cenotes and relaxing on the beach,

…but because it gave me time to reflect on the year gone by and give some thought to the year ahead. Below are some of the things that I’ll be working on this year (well, for the next 11 months at least – what on earth happened to January?):

Do something everyday that your future self will thank you for: This can be any number of small (go for a run) or big (go on an adventure) things but the point is to make a habit of prioritizing things that will serve me better in the future.

Take charge: More often than not I’m coasting along and taking whatever falls into my lap. But I realize that this is causing me a huge amount of frustration – imagine what I could have achieved if I didn’t spend so much time waiting for things to happen for me? Not being proactive can also sometimes leave me feeling like I’m not at all in control of my life or that my life is happening around me, especially when reflecting on the year gone by. So, this year is going to be all about less procrastination and more actively seeking out opportunities that will allow me to work towards my personal and professional goals.

Follow through: I have a pile of half-read books on my bedside table, a number of e-mails in my inbox reminding me to attend events or complete courses that I signed up for and remnants of new hobbies I started pursuing but quickly lost interest in lying around our apartment. This year I’m going to be far more selective about the things I choose to do and make a point of following through with each one.

Practice self-love: I certainly wouldn’t say that I dislike myself but I am incredibly critical of myself and am constantly doubting myself. To some extent I think that this is necessary to ensure that I’m always pushing myself to improve as let’s be honest, there’s always room for improvement. But this year I am going to try to be more aware of my negative self talk with the aim of limiting it and getting some confidence back.

So, here is hoping firstly that 2018 slows down so that I have time to breathe and focus on my goals and also that it’s a wonderfully fulfilling and successful year for you all!

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