Cycling Stanley Park Seawall

I am an awful cyclist – I cannot cycle without both hands firmly on the handlebar and my hands (and hence handlebar) turn when I look back to see what’s coming, invariably steering my bike into the path of whatever is behind me and on top of this, I wobble all over the show at low speeds. Vancouver, however, has 28 km of uninterrupted waterfront path, said to be the longest in the world, and so after having walked a good portion of it, but still wanting to see more, I decided to give myself (and my weary legs and feet) a break and make use of the 9 km one way bike path along Stanley Park Seawall. After my feast at Granville Island Public Market (which you can read about here), I picked up the sweetest looking bicycle from Spokes bicycle rentals and headed onto the bike path to enjoy the glorious afternoon.

I ended up enjoying my ride, which took me alongside Coal Harbour, underneath Lions Gate Bridge, past Third Beach and the Lost Lagoon, so much that I even cycled around a second time. I did, however, stop more frequently the second time around to take in the gorgeous views of the city, the park and English Bay and by the end of the day, I actually think that I even got the hang of cycling!

My fabulous little bike, Coal Harbour and the city
Stanley Park Seawall provides perfect views of Vancouver
Burrard Inlet and Lions Gate Bridge
The adjacent pedestrian path – the separate pedestrian and bike paths certainly make cycling for inept cyclists like myself a lot less stressful (at least I didn’t also have to avoid pedestrians while trying to get out of the way of more competent cyclists ringing their bells at me)
Lions Gate Bridge



Third Beach (next time I’m certainly going to go with a bikini and towel in hand and enjoy the beach)
My cute little bike (I actually want to buy myself one now – basket and all) in front of the Lost Lagoon
I was so busy taking in the views from the park that I almost forgot to enjoy the park itself

9 thoughts on “Cycling Stanley Park Seawall

  1. Looks fantastic, Vanessa, nice to read that you love bicycling, time to come to Holland!
    Ton will learn you how to do it.


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