Being a tourist in your hometown

When I left Johannesburg to move to San Francisco in April 2016, I had lived in Johannesburg for about 20 years (and the greater Gauteng area all of my life) but somehow I still left with a list of things I hadn’t yet done (and just so that I remember to do them when I’m next in town, they include climbing the Westcliff Steps and having cocktails at Randlords). Determined to be more proactive about exploring my new hometown, I arrived in San Francisco with an array of guidebooks and a very long list of things to do.

After the first couple of weeks of running around every night and every weekend trying to take in all of the sights and sounds of this amazing city, I realised that I was fighting a losing battle as each time I ticked one item off of my to-do list, I added three more.  It then dawned on me that having a never-ending to-do list is the very reason why I love this city because even if you do tire yourself out running around like a tourist each and every day, the city always has something new and exciting on offer.

That’s not to say I’ve admitted defeat so with having a few extra days off around the holiday season and visitors in town, this week, more than most, I have been doing all of the fun touristy things that I haven’t yet got around to.  I finally visited the de Young and Asian Art Museum.  I viewed the city from the top of Twin Peaks and the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps.  I saw the Balmy Alley Murals, The Wave Organ and The Painted Ladies.  I visited the Mission Dolores and the Sutro Baths.  I got out of town and went to the Muir Beach Overlook and did the 17 Mile Drive between Monterey and Carmel…  And  what a fun week it has been!

I hope that you have enjoyed the holiday season finding new things to do in your hometown!

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